So, who
are you?

Anyone can provide desks and wifi but what we do is entirely unique

We set out on a mission to create a flexible coworking space that lived inside our imagination. As we know all too well, jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop with dodgy wifi and limited seating isn’t ideal. Our mission at its core is to build better businesses through community. We provide curated spaces where ideas can manifest, grow, and build.

Since opening our first space in 2016, Works has been independently and locally owned and the current owner has been involved since the beginning. We’ve been lucky to attract an amazing bunch of full time members and it’s a certainty you’ll make some new friends or joint ventures too.

Our spaces consist of four distinct pillars – Community, Design, Sustainability and Hospitality.


He tangata, he tangata, he tangata; It’s the people, It’s the people, It’s the people. We believe in better business through community. The word community is, without question, central to human experience. It makes people feel they can bring their most authentic selves to their work and it makes our spaces an awesome place to be! From day one our passion has always been to support our members. Together we are thought leaders, innovators, and united by a passion for culture and strong coffee (of course).


Your business is our business and representing you authentically is the cornerstone of every Works location. We know that customer experience is the centerpiece for success and we are here to help you achieve that and be proud of where you work. Our priority is to our community and our guests so no request is too large and no detail too small. Whatever it is — we have you covered.


Designing an environment to house our communities means taking everything we have learned to date and making the most of it. We’ve taken care to create a space that isn’t a typical corporate layout. Our spaces are functional and aesthetically pleasing but designed with comfort at its core. You will find a variety of areas curated to support everyone’s style of working. Our spaces feel warm, human and are furry friendly too.


We strive to be part of the culture shift and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. From 5 star eco buildings to residing in a restored heritage building, we are a community of leaders building better businesses with big impacts. We are inclusive and we welcome people of all backgrounds regardless of race, age, ethnicity, disability, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This is a space where anyone against our inclusivity is not welcome. In other words, no bad vibes.

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