COVID-19 Policy

Updated – 07/09/2021 – Leon Mooney.


In response to the global pandemic, we have implemented the following for alert level 2. We are open at 8:30am on the first day of Level 2.

Saltworks and Millworks are open at level 2 like last time but with some changes.

We have sought guidance from three different Covid information and support agencies to make sure we are compliant with our plan.

Under the new level 2 rules, our spaces are considered “controlled environments”. This means that we have strong controls and visibility of who accesses our spaces. This means we are not subject to 2m distancing or the 50 person limit. As such the appropriate precaution measures are outlined below.

Please see below our operating procedures which impact the way the space is run.

  • 1m physical distancing for work points. We have removed a number of items of furniture and seating to ensure we can make this possible. 2m for visitors in the waiting area.
  • Strict contact tracing for the building. Use the Ministry of Health app. No exceptions.
  • Masks are mandatory except when eating and drinking which is now only on the lunch table, booths and kitchen area.
  • Covid-19 prevention-focused nightly clean.
  • Daily scheduled cleans throughout the day for high traffic touchpoints including door handles, elevator buttons, printer controls, fridge handles, coffee machine controls and others as identified.
  • Hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes available at every flexi desk and meeting room with instructions to use before/after use.
  • Meeting room occupancy limits apply. Signage is on each room.
  • Visitors are allowed but must adhere to our policies. This will be strictly enforced. They are to follow signage in new waiting areas and message staff to ensure they are signed in.
  • Additional hand sanitiser dispensers placed at the entry and exit points.
  • Community-based activities will be held in the event space where physical distancing measures are in place or in an appropriate manner.
  • At 11:15am each day we will hold an open virtual drop in session to discuss any and all concerns regarding our response and how we can continue to refine it to ensure safety remains our focus. Communication is VERY important about this issue.

As a Works resident we would appreciate:

  • Wash your hands and be excellent to each other. These can be stressful times.
  • Be respectful of other people always but specifically around feelings and concerns for hygiene standards.
  • Follow self-isolation directives as stipulated by the NZ government and Ministry of Health regarding personal sickness.
  • If you are feeling unwell, do not come to the office.
  • Immediately report anything of concern to the team.
  • Only make coffee for yourself.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with me at or 021 249-3656 to discuss.


The Works Crew.
Leon, Bri & Cat!