Working like a dog: 2022 alumni

Introducing some of the star residents from the Works Class of 2023.


Name: Magnus

Title: Mr America

Direct Reports: Andrew, Toitu Envirocare (and, let’s be honest, Cat too)
Classification: North American Mutt
Length of Service: 11 Years
Awards: Works Dog of the Year 2021
Specialist Skills: Presenting as a visually intimidating and vocal guard dog, only to then run from any danger, jumping, high-fiving
Most Likely To: Try his luck by sitting on the couch

“While I do generally like to keep to myself when I’m at work, I tend to warm up to new colleagues over time. Having brought more than a decade of experience with me to Christchurch from the much larger US market, you could say I definitely know my way around a modern workplace. I spend most of my Millworks days with Cat keeping residents on track to complete the daily quizzes where I’ve picked up enough general knowledge to help my 2IC, Andrew, earn the title of 2021 Crossword Master of the Year.”


Name: Branston (Bran)

Title: Debonair Diva

Team: Salty Dogs

Direct Reports: Jess, Wayne Francis
Classification: Black Lab
Length of Service: 5 (6 in July)
Awards: Works Dog of the Year 2020
Specialist Skills: Stubbornness, zoomies, being really, really, really exceptionally good looking
Most Likely To: Lie down in a thoroughfare and block the exit

“Like everyone, of course, I have my favourite colleagues. You can’t just let anyone approach you with a pitch; you have to make them work for it. I bring a unique aesthetic and a high energy to the space, though mum (Jess) has sometimes been known to pull me away from a concentrated session. She’s working closely with me to do my best zoomies as soon as the doors open in the morning, before others can come and distract me. I often sacrifice my lunch hour to support Bri and Cat on kitchen patrol.”


Name: Iggy

Title: Alumni VIP

Team: Salty Dogs (retired)

Direct Reports: Cam, (formally) Kukri
Classification: Australian Heading
Length of Service: 4
Awards: Works Dog of the Year 2022
Specialist Skills: Pulling the focus of other Direct Reports (namely Jess) from their Line Managers, setting a high bar for personal development
Most Likely To: Hypnotise you with his penetrating eyes

“Look, can we please stop using the out-of-date, and frankly offensive, term ‘failed farm dog’? I was simply better suited to thrive in a fast-paced and challenging office environment. Even though I’m not at Works anymore, Bri and Cat asked me to feature here because they know just how much I contributed to the space during my tenure. I’ve since relocated with Cam to a fishing shop where I’m really hitting my stride in retail; using my penetrating stare and natural charm to smash quarterly sales targets.”


Name: Moose

Title: Melburnian Bruce

Team: Milly Mutts

Direct Reports: Tom, Bluerock
Classification: Borgroodle
Length of Service: 2.5 years
Specialist Skills: Commanding speaking voice, strong hair game, deep commitment to interpersonal relationships
Most Likely To: Suffer separation anxiety while his colleague is in the bathroom

“I mostly put in my hard yakka at the front door, greeting everyone who comes to Millworks with a hearty G’day. Since arriving recently from Melbin, I’ve worked hard to make some good mates here. Sure, they take the piss out of me sometimes for losing Tom (I tell ya, you can’t take your eyes off that guy for one second…), but I know that they recognise and respect my big city coworking experience.”


Name: Cluedo

Title: Lady Who Lunches

Team: Milly Mutts

Direct Reports: Emma, Word of Life
Classification: Blue Merle Border Collie
Length of Service: 16 Months
Specialist Skills: Positive attitude, unparalleled beauty
Most Likely To: Flop on her back and receive belly rubs

“I honestly just love it here so much. I’ve been at Millworks pretty much since I was a baby and I’m still so excited to come here each and every day. I love feeling like I’m being truly valued not just for my looks but also my skills. I can’t wait for the opportunity to hang out with my friends in the courtyard at lunchtime every day.”


Name: Bean

Title: Pocket Rocket

Team: Posty Pups

Direct Reports: Justin, Foster Moore
Classification: Cavoodle
Length of Service: 5
Specialist Skills: Extreme tail wagging, saving the planet and rolling in dead seagulls
Most Likely To: Be forever a bridesmaid, never a bride

“They say I was named after a coffee bean and, frankly, I’m the only energiser you’ll ever need. I’m your typical ​​Aquarius, with a constant waggle and a penchant for plenty of licking, you’ll usually find me palling around with Justin, my equally diminutive partner in crime. I’ve narrowly missed out on Works Dog of the Year 3 times in a row now, but I have a good feeling that 2023 is my year!”


Name: Dutch

Title: New Kid on the Block

Team: Milly Mutts

Direct Reports: Mickinlee, Edge Communications
Classification: English Bulldog
Length of Service: 15 weeks
Specialist Skills: Cultivating mass
Most Likely To: Trip over himself

“I’m still finding my feet here at Millworks, but Mickinlee assures me that I’m really coming into my own. My latest potty training performance review was a significant improvement and I’m quickly making friends. Well maybe not too quickly, as my chasing still needs a bit of work. But what I lack in speed, I make up for in fashion. I’m looking forward to breaking out my autumn and winter collection as the colder weather approaches.”